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Posted about 1 year ago by michael step

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michael step

Can we get a more digital market friendly update or plugin?

Right now everything seems to be geared to print or physical product output.

But this has the ability to be used for digital content also; like flyers and digital image output.

The current design and options has too many loop holes for customer to take the digital image; desing/product and use it as is. But as a seller, i would like them to pay for each edit, and only get limited downloads.


- after purchase, client is sent the image (or print ready image if using the pro plugin). 

-the product is converted to the image and is saved as downloadable image for client in profile. this way the editor doesnt take away server resources every time a customer needs to download the design.

-If digital download product, remove the editability of the the purchased item. 

-Remove layered options from any export, so users cant steal resources used.

Screenshot protection:

-Add watermark to editor, so users cant take the design from the current screen.

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