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Uploaded photo resolution warning after scaling

Please consider adding some sort of warning upon image scaling, as setting the width, height and DPI for the uploaded images are not enough to make sure that the file received will have a good enough resolution for printing. 

The client does not know that upscaling too much the uploaded image will result in a bad quality print if there is no warning for that and it just results in unhappy customers and bad reviews.

The image quality rating is also helping only with the upload, not with the scaling and it can not be set on a product level, as what it can be considered a 3 star image for printing a product, can very well be a 1 star image for another.

I am sure this would be a great improvement for FDP and many users would appreciate it.

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I agree with you.

This will immediately alert the customer when upscaling with low quality images.

Especially that the width and height restriction are only used on upload, so the costumer can upload the photo on a product that has lower width and height restrictions (like a mug) and then use the same uploaded photo on a product with higher restrictions (like a wall clock or something bigger). There will be no warning if the uploaded photo doesn't meet the requirements for the bigger product.

That's right.

Not all customers are aware of or understand the quality of the images they are using.

Many of them use images from google.

This will certainly make it difficult for us if the order they place uses poor image quality.. moreover they do upscalling.

I agree. It should be nice to have this function

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