Print Ready export impose single design onto SRA3 / SRA4, e.g export multiple designs onto 1 sheet ready to print

Posted almost 2 years ago by Andy Baldman

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Andy Baldman

The print ready export provides a singular design. Print industry for business cards, compliment slips, posters etc requires multiple designs/orders to be laid up onto a single sheet ready to print and cut down usually via a guillotine.

Does everyone manually impose the single artwork onto a sheet themselves? (if so it's not print ready as there is another operation needed before printing).

I have to step and repeat the single design in Adobe inDesign prior to printing.

I would like to see options the same as step and repeat on indesign where we specify rows & columns and spacing between rows with a datum point. 

Many thanks.

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Alexis Fibelkorn posted 11 months ago

Exactly my topic. I need a solution to impose stickers on a sheet. Actually a standard problem for print finishing.

Please implement a solution.

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