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3D Preview - Download 3D preview, Print files and 2D view.

Really like the new 3D preview feature. We are working with all over print clothing (sublimation) so really need the "print area" to fill the whole garment. This is probably possible in some way (mask), only seen and tested the demo 3D t-shirt (with a rectangular print area).  Some ideas/requests:

1. Multiple print areas/elements per view. I suspect this would be quite complicated. But there are other product designers that have this feature. But would be great if for example a t-shirt could exist of several print areas which will be equivalent to the actual print elements used during the production. So for a t-shirt normally: Front, Back, Collar and 2 x Sleeve. Changing these print elements would change the 3D Preview (and 2D view).    

2. Combination of 2D and 3D view. It would be great to have the best of two worlds... Still have a nice 2D view with a shadow overlay (t-shirt) but also have the possibility to view the product in 3D. Now you can only see a flat print area in the standard view and this is also the only thing you will see in the cart. 

3. Download/print/share an image of the 3D preview. It would be nice for both us and the customer to be able to download a "screen print" of the current view in the 3D preview. So if you have a slightly turned t-shirt or turn it to the side you would be able to download/print/share a picture of this exact view. Great if possible to add a watermark or a custom background to this image as well. So you can add your logo, www address, background etc.


A cumbersome running example


Thanks @gryadn, but that solution is not based on FPD plugin right? 

There are other plugins that have similar features but I use and like FPD and would be great to see it keep developing.

I also work on sublimation systems

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