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In the export add-on V1.1.2 we added a new remote service. Please test this service, it will send the order data for the print-ready files generation to a system on our server. This system is using nodeJS and PDFKit for generating the PDF files. We did some tests and experienced a huge performance with the new service and a more stable generation than with TCPDF. 

The new service requires also Fancy Product Designer 4.5.1 in WordPress.

After updating the plugins, you can enable the option here:

Our goal is to replace the old PDF generation with our new approach.

Please share your experience with the new service in this thread.

Hello Rady Kal


Will the new service allow the end customer to download the print-ready file to the front end?

@Daniel Only paid orders can be downloaded in the frontend.

Hello Rady Kal

Export super,
but there is a lack of precision when deploying objects in the product builder.
Now it is possible to enter only in whole pixels.
What if the option was refined to 0.000 px !!!!

For example: the size of an object 30 x 80 mm is 85,039 px x 226,722 px.

I have to cram the whole graphic design of the A1 poster into an area of max. 600 px.
Optimal for monitors.
Then I get gaps between objects up to 3 mm.

And when the resulting print format is to be A1 (594x841 mm)
so I have large gaps between objects.

This requires subsequent editing of the PDF.
And with 130 orders per day, our employees can't keep up with this editing.
And it also costs us unnecessary expenses for other employees.

Sincerely Martin.

I agree with @dusek


I have a similar problem and I believe it is related to the pixel accuracy between canva and the exported file in pdf


I have a product for printing on A4 sheet with landscape orientation and I configured the canva with 1000px x 708px and the print size option to 297mm x 210mm but when I export the pdf ready for printing in ADMIN the texts are out of place


I believe that the positions in whole pixels used to position the texts in the canva with 1000px generate this displacement of the texts when recreating the pdfs for printing. More decimal places or a mm position would solve the problem.

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