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Designs UI Usability Tweak: Highlight Designs w/Custom Settings


I just want to start and say I love how you can change the design settings individually from the category settings. That is a fantastic flexibility option.....but...

It gets confusing, time consuming and hectic when many designs in a category have different settings (scaling, price, etc.). I'm wondering if it would be possible to spruce it up like this: *attached*? 

I think it would be super helpful if the designs with their own custom settings could be highlighted to let you know they are different [from the category settings], then show some pertinent info to them as well. I think this would help dramatically with manageability because I can tell you as someone with over 1k designs, it is very hectic trying to keep track of the designs that have custom settings (scales, price, etc.).

The attached is just a mockup/concept but I think something like this would help with organizing and managing the designs. The primary things I think that would help the most to see at a quick glance would be: the price (displayed at top left corner) and the current and minimum scale (displayed where delete button was) being displayed directly in the grid; I think these are the primary settings that would be changed per design. I moved the 'Trash bin' to the top right of the design card but with a mouse hover, so when hovering in that area it would pop up a trash bin icon to delete the design.

Hopefully something like this (I'm no UI expert so this is simply a concept) can be considered because with many many designs it just becomes very time consuming and tedious to click each one you think is different from the rest (then keep track). With this concept the most important information can be seen at a quick glance - what an efficiency lifesaver that would be! And to make everyone happy maybe, if possible, an on/off toggle to show the extra details or not, that way it can stay looking the way it does as well (as some may not want the extra info auto showing like in my concept the price does take up some of the design window).

Thanks for reading :)

Again, marked no go within a few hours. I would have assumed, if you 'took suggestions' seriously as you state at the top you would take more than a few minutes to discuss features requests, let them 'get votes' and or at least give an explanation to us why you decline these suggestions. It makes you look very rude...why even have this section then?

...looks like I just wasted my time posting these for nothing then thanks.

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