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Step-by-Step with massive dependencies

Hello, I wanted to find out if the Multistep Configurator plug-in meets our requirements and is not a bad buy. For a customer, we want to install such a configuration on the website to make the interface more beautiful and easier to use.

The customer sells double rod mats, normal posts, gabion posts, and then all kinds of accessories. The configurator must therefore be able to do the following:

1. what exactly? normal double rod mats or gabions (the type of posts depends on it..)

2. mat width (gives two types, which influences the price of all the following factors)

3. height (8 sizes)

3.1. coating (hot-dip galvanized, anthracite or moss-green; the last two affect the price of the mat, but not with a fixed price, but differently per height and mat width)

4. type of post (depending on under 1, whether normal or gabion)

5. number of posts (and corners)

6. additional accessories (privacy screen, spacers, screws... you name it)

Are such massive dependencies feasible with MSPC? Unfortunately, no plugin has been able to solve these problems so far. So this time I prefer to ask before buying.

MSPC really just changes the look of the standard Woocommerce variations and put's in a step by step form. If used with FPD then you can build a personalised product in layers.

If you've set up your variables in Woocommerce and it's not currently achieving the output you want, then no, MSPC won't extend that.

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