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How to install click the Open Product Designer button in the light box

Hello friends

I use a fancy Product Designer Plugin

product design

My website is: https://guuxuong.com/tu-thiet-ke-op-lung/


For example:

When you click on Samsung, a list of products that users can design will appear




When you click on any product (S8, for example, it will redirect to the product page to customize the design of the S8.)


But now I want: clicking the S8 button will bring up the s8 user's product designer (it doesn't go to the product page) (for example, it looks like this website: https: // inop.vn/tu-thiet-ke-op- lung)


Now I want to click and it shows the client's product design process, what to do

thank you

It looks like this is placed on a Page rather than a standard Woocommerce Product. You can find the instructions for that here:


I haven't installed it yet,

I mean when inserting the designer on the page, when you click on the custom button >> will show a lightbox >> click on the button in the lightbox to show the product editor in the lightbox, after closing the lightbox window Stay on the page and continue to choose another product to choose from

eg as in the video attachment

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