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FPD with dynamic pricing

 Hi All,

I would like to raise an issue.

I am selling a bag using FPD for $10/pcs. And I give discount for more orders. This includes if purchase is 10 different designs.

But the cart update is not done properly and I had tried many different dynamic pricing.

As show in example below, 1st design bag is 1pcs. 2nd design bag is 10pcs. Total 10pcs. Discount is stated -$30.


But in next example, I change the quantity to 10 and 1pcs respectively. But the discount given is -$2.00


It does not make sense, that both are total 11pcs but discount is different. It is like it ignored the top listing of product with FPD. I tested non-FPD product using same rules and it works!

I suspect FPD allows only final item in list to be following the pricing rules but I could be wrong! If there is any dynamic pricing that works well with FPD, please share with me.

Thank you!

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