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I may need some custom development. I have tried to use the demo to achieve this and it is close but not quite as needed. I have a client that wants to have a very simple way of uploading posters to simple cgi wall backgrounds. I need to preset some background images and poster/frame sizes in the system and then all he wants to do is select the poster image he wants and it will fill the space on the wall. We will be selling through woo commerce and ideally the user on the frontend would just see the resulting image (the poster against the wall as a single image, not editable).

Can you suggest if there is a way to do this and if it requires development can you provide an estimate?

Many thanks. Can you clarify how it is possible ? I tried that but the frontend user doesn't just see the ned result. Here was my test: https://demo.fancyproductdesigner.com/8bleadvhiup97q6/product/test/

I don't see where to make it possible for my client to change the poster in the upload zone. Also then how do I make it so the customer can just see the final image and not the surrounding options

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