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Either help me fix this or please issue full refund.

The image with the URL
can not be loaded into the canvas.


The URL is not correct!The image has been blocked by CORS policy. You need to host the image under the same protocol and domain or enable 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' on the server where you host the image. Read more about it here.

I've tried your three solutions found on previous forums, no help.

I've deleted and reinstalled an setup wordpress, same issue.  I really don't understand if you set up this whole plugin, with the add ons and product templates and its given such a issue.

crap.PNG crap.PNG
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This could be caused for example by the following:

  (If you moved your site from http to https for example)

2) or you have to enable CORS on the CDN-server. For more information check: https://enable-cors.org/.

We change to aws S3 and met this issue, try everything but still not been solved, help please.

I have opened a ticket for a week still no offer any solution.

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