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Define A unprintable Frame For Cutting Margin


In our designs we have 3mm cutting margin from each edge. So for example if we want to give 13x18cm invitation card to customer we design it as a 136mm X 186mm invitation card. SO we must print and export it as 136mm X 186mm then when we cut it, it will reduce to 130mm X 180mm.

So our printing area will be 136mm X 186mm BUT we want to show a second NON-PRINTABLE RED FRAME to customer to indicate the cutting margin. This frame will be 3mm inside of the printing area border. Also we want to give a warning to customer when he pass inside the cutting margin, we will say that your design at this section of the design will not be printed (it will be cut, infact).

So how can we define such a frame?

All help is appreciated, thanks in advance...

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