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Allow only either image upload or text

Hello Everyone

Great plugin, ive setup everything by reading and watching youtube videos.

I have a layer with the product and a layer with an upload zone that has a background that says "Load your logo here" so that when the user clicks it loads loads the upload window, and thats all good. but when a user wants to enter some text instead, the background "Load your logo" doesn't get replaced by the typed text so it looks weird. 

Is there any way i can hide the background when the user adds a text to the customization?

is it possible?

I attached a screenshot "CARICA IL TUO LOGO" is "upload your logo" and its a transparent png placed on top of the product and it should disappear when the user adds the text.

I'm using the latest fancy product designer in Woocommerce.

Best regards.

Hello, has anyone an answer?

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