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Duplicate user added content (text, images etc) in multiple views

My products are paper based print documents such as flyers, calendars etc. Many times, customers would like to duplicate content such as contact information on multiple pages (views). Currently, the user would have to recreate the content on each view and set the formatting and positioning manually. This is massively inconvenient for customers/admin to do.

I request that a feature be made that allows duplication of content on multiple views, whereby the user can specify in which other views to include the content, in exactly the same position, formatting, and everything else. Perhaps if there is an option to link the duplicated content on each view somehow, that would be great. For example, if an image on one view is edited, the other linked duplicated images are edited in the same way automatically. I would have expected a feature like this already exists, since FBD is used by many others to produce multi-page paper based print products as well.

A feature like this would make preparation of designs so much easier for users.

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I believe text part can be achieved through replace text and linked text The image part is something I would really be interested in

I don't think replace text and linked text can be used when the end user creates their own text field layers?

The idea is that the end user should be able to create text fields themselves and then select if it should be linked/duplicated on other views or whether it should be standalone. Of course, the same principle would apply to images and other layers.

This feature would be useful when the end userĀ  wants to add a logo, organisation name, contact details etc on multiple views, without admin having to create specific fields and restricting them on the number of fields and object position in each view.

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