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Pre-defined color groups


it would be a good thing to be able to create pre-defined color groups :
Flex - 12 different colors.
Vinyl: 8 different colors
embroidery: 15 different colors.
and be able to designate the name of the palette when I create a text field
we could imagine 3 possibilities in the product builder's color options:


one color value: colorpicker, multiple color value: fixed color palette, predefined  Group name: Fixed predefine color palette.

an example, I create 3 different products, each with text fields that the user can modify but with certain colors only,

Currently I define the color palette one by one in each product.

imagine that tomorrow I want to add an extra color, I will have to do it for each of the 3 products.

in this case with only 3 products it is not very difficult, but if I had to do this for 250 products it is very tedious.

with pre-defined color groups I would only add or remove a color in a group so that this color is added or removed from all the fields identified with the name of the group itself

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This would make life so much easier!

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