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Exported PDF's elements - name after the origin Product Builder layers


I would like to consider a feature, where when exporting a PDF, the elements of the PDF will be named exactly as their original layer names in the Product Builder.

If, in the Product Builder i have a layer named cut_contour (which is just an svg containing a rectangle) - in the exported PDF I would like this rectangle named "cut_contour" as well instead of just "Path".

I understand there might be complications ( like if a layer in the Builder is translated to multiple Pathes in the PDF ) but those can probably be resolved in a deterministic way ( for instance, adding an index to all pathes in the cut_contour layer when exported to PDF : cut_contour_1, cut_contour_2,  etc )

Alternatively, maybe it is acceptable to convert each layer in the Product Builder to a separate Layer in the PDF and then name the PDF layers like Product Builder Layers


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