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UI with fixed size

With Dynamic Views, when we change the view size the UI changes accordingly. This ends up breaking the website layout or creating huge canvas with lots of scroll. I think that it should be the opposite: the view shoud adapt to the UI. Kind like a real software: if you create a new file on Photoshop the window does not enlarge to show the whole artboard, but the artboard opens zoomed out so it fits in the window.

The plugin is great and I think this would make it even better!

I've found this code: http://cssdeck.com/labs/emcxdwuz

In the link above, if you change the height of the canvas in the HTML, it resizes the element proportionally to fit the viewport.

I'm trying to implement this by "hacking" the FPD with a custom plugin to avoid messing with the original code, but it would be nice if this was a oficial feature. =)

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