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Toolbar dialog and layout options

There are a few options to place the dialog for the layer editing options as seen in this image:


I use the one selected in particular. 

But as you can see at the top of the design, placing the toolbar in the canvas covers a portion of the design. Is there a way that we can get new positions which do not appear inside the canvas? Perhaps to the right and left, outside of the canvas? Or is there a way to make the dialog appear at the top, without covering the design stage?

Here is an example of an element getting hidden:

Additionally, this toolbar is particularly hard to dismiss, the customer will need to click outside of the design area (like dismissing a modal) or select another element which doesnt have customization options to dismiss it. Can you add a close button to each dialog?

It's worth noting that using the dynamic dialog does not work for me in my particular designs, as in some instances when the user selects a background design which covers the entire stage, its hard to find the customize dialog.

Marked as not taken, can we at least get a button to close the dialog?

It's a too specific requests that the community is not looking for. We can only achieve that in a custom job.

Please send us a mail with your customization request via the form on this page: 


Thank you

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