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Create our own Sub-Category within DepositPhotos search, and allow customers to as well

I think there should be a way for us to create our own sub-categories within the DepositPhotos search, where we add images or designs that we think our customer base will like and use. DepositPhotos has over 20 million images and the current setup within FPD does not allow customers to search through the images well, as the search function screen is small and cumbersome. Currently there are multiple quick search sub-categories included with the DepositPhotos add-on, but these are not customizable. Customers will also be interested in saving some images in a favorites sub-category for future use on product design for purchase, and a favorites sub-category would be beneficial for this purpose as customers do not want to re-spend time trying to find the same images later. 

The ability to use DepositPhotos within FPD is amazing. However, DepositPhotos requires money upfront to get started and in order to sell these images to our customers and make it profitable for us, the DepositPhotos add-on needs a make over. Perhaps a larger search screen and favorite saving features will make our investment with DepositPhotos worth while. 


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