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Enable user to change font size on text box

The text box that limits the width of the text box is great but the user should still be able to change the font size in my opinion. Right now, when you use a text box the user cannot change the font size.

Text boxes also can't be duplicated in the product maker.

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You can change the font size via the toolbar by clicking on the number next to the color picker.

That only works with the "add text" option. It does not show in the "text box". I have this same problem.

then you need to insert a text in the product builder and not a text box. For other issues please open a support ticket on our website so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

This is a huge problem for me. I need my users to be able to change font size, line space etc in text boxes!

Please use text elements instead. You can limit those also using bounding boxes: 



In "Customizable Properties", active "SCALABLE".

Good day

Hi, this is still an issue. The properties scale level and font size are not correctly linked to each other and sometimes reveal flaws. Just by playing around in the admin editor, I found several bugs:

- Changing the text size doesn't update the view (in both cases where "scalable" is set to true or false)

- Changing the size via the "scalable" tool, sometimes updates directly the font-size value in the black toolbar. But sometimes, the value is not updated even though the size changed.

- After scaling the widget, the size jumps back to the initial font size if I change the text content.

Just by playing around with the two properties, one can find several flaws. I'd wish this would be tackled by the responsible engineering team so the link between these two attributes is more intuitive and understandable for both the Wordpress admin and the shop customer. e.g. If the font size may not be changed in some cases why not make the input field disabled so it won't frustrate anyone :)

Thanks in advance,


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