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Using Fancy Designer for variable sized banners

We have purchased this to allow customers to design their custom banner online.  I am confused about how I can use this when each banner will be a different size, a different aspect ratio.  How do I set up the staging area with the plugin?  Do I have to set up a variable for each possible rectangle size?  Then have a dropdown of them all the customers chooses from?  Is there a more automated way it could be done?


You can either use our Plus Add-On and enable custom sizes for your customers or let your customers choose from a dropdown with predefined width and/or height. 

I recommend to use the Fancy Product Designer in combination with the Multistep Product Configurator and go for the dropdown option. Therefore you need to create a fancy product for each size and connect it to the given variables via attributes. 

What does the Multistep product Configurator do that I can't do just setting up multiple products through Woo Commerce, each connected to a FD product?  

You can set four different styles and functions (for example steps) and enable that only specific images will be replaced in the fancy product. Without using the Multistep product configurator you can only load a different fancy product without replacing single images via the replace value.

Not really understanding what you're saying.  Is there a product description page I could look at? 

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