Using MSPC with Fancy Product Designer

Modified on Tue, 05 May 2020 at 12:13 PM

Multistep Product Configurator is also compatible with Fancy Product Designer. You can add or swap images in the Product Designer when the customer selects a variation. This is only working with Variable Products in WooCommerce.

Video Tutorial

Adding Attributes

First of all you need to create attributes for your variations. Please view the WooCommerce how to do that. Its only working with attributes that you create under WooCommerce → Attributes. In my Sneaker demo I created 2 Attributes: Material and Laces.

Adding Terms to your Attributes

In the next step you have to create the terms for your attributes. In my case I created 3 material terms for my "Material" attribute. You will also see 2 extra fields in the "Add-new" form. These fields are only coming up when Fancy Product Designer is activated.

Image URL

It allows to define an image for your term, this image will be added to the Product Designer when its selected by the customer. 

Fancy Product Designer Options

The other field allows to define options for the image. You need to check the checkbox "Enable Options" if you want to add the defined image to the Product Designer. If you want to learn more about Element Options, please view this article