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Hello everyone,

We have a wedding invitation business over 10 years now. We are looking for a solution like Fancy to expand online. However, we need to see if something is possible using Fancy and hope for some feedback from past users.

As with most wedding invitations, there is usually the main card, thank you cards, rsvp cards, etc. We would like for our online customers to browse our shop and select an invitation. On the product page they'll find a Featured main card, but it's part of a SET of many cards with the same design.

From the invitations product page, the customer can choose 'design card' - which opens the Fancy editor. I envisioned that, when going into the editor/designer, the customer would be presented with the main card (as the first selected template) layout ready for design. But they could change to another template such as RSVP card, then design that. Continuing until they had selected, designed and added to cart all of the cards they wanted. Seems like it could work, the only problem might be the pricing structure - getting a different price for the RSVP card, which would likely be cheaper than the featured main invitation card. 

Basically, select main card, edit, add to cart. Select another card, edit, add to cart - all from 1 product page (not have to go to many different 'related products' pages)

Is this possible?

We have considered the main card + radio button / check list for all other cards, but that doesn't leave an option to design other cards, only the main card.

Can anyone advice on this subject even if you know a solution other than Fancy? But we really like the features and layout of this plugin.



you could use the multistep product configurator in addition to the fancy product designer. It is a little bit of a work and depends on how many variations you offer but you could create a canvas that shows all the necessary cards within one product page and let your customers edit all of them at once. 

On the steps of the multistep product configurator plugin your customers could choose which cards they want to be displayed and edit those.


you could insert a button (add-to-cart and choose inside card) on the main cards product page and link it to another product (the inner cards). This solution however requires custom coding. 

So templates can not have separate pricing?

Yes, they can. You can p.e. insert a price for an element within the fancy product and / or insert a maximum view price.

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