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Database queries optimization

We have noticed unusual database queries being performed by FPD for unknown reasons.

On our home page where only 4 products are displayed, we will have as many as ~70 fpd_table_exists queries.

On a products listing page where 16 products are displayed, this can go as high as 150 queries.

There are no products in our cart and we do not display any add-to-cart or customize button in our products listing, so I don't see why these queries are being made.

Not only this, but out of the 67 queries made (it varies sometime by +/-5), 60 are duplicates, and 7 are duplicates. So it looks like these could have been made in 2 calls only.

Now I'm sure there's a logic behind that but still raise a few red flags to me and I hope this can be optimized in the future.

Calls are...

  • 60x SHOW TABLES LIKE 'wp_fpd_categories' /* From [www.site.com/] in [/nas/content/live/site/wp-content/plugins/fancy-product-designer/inc/fpd-functions.php:28] */
  • 7x SHOW TABLES LIKE 'wp_fpd_views' /* From [www.site.com/] in [/nas/content/live/site/wp-content/plugins/fancy-product-designer/inc/fpd-functions.php:28] */

On a product listing page, it's 106x duplicate wp_fpd_categories and 13 duplicate wp_fpd_views.

Queries are being analyzed with Query Monitor. Problem persist even when being logged out.

Thank you!

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