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Import Text through SVG

For uploaded SVG files that contain embedded text, can we have that text be editable?

In more detail, it would be nice if SVGs with text that are uploaded in the designs section could be rewritten by the user upon selecting the specific text. Also, SVGs that are uploaded by the user could use this feature as well.
The text being recognized as text and being able to be rewritten is my number one concern, but the text being transformable would also be nice. 

Sorry thats not possible.

I understand that it could be difficult, but I don't see how it could be impossible. Your code already recognizes the colors of paths within an svg file, surely it could recognize the inner text of a element and the set font family in an svg file as well. I'm guessing the difficult part is keeping the original positioning of the text elements from the svg the same when swapped and edited on the canvas? I have a codepen with editable svg text elements that stay on paths, if that would help you. This feature is the only missing feature we would need to pull the trigger on all your plugins + the unlimited automated design files from orders.

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