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Wordpress: Fancy Product Designer and a minify-plugin


Anybody out there that does not run into trouble when using a minify-plugin in combination with FPD?

What plugin are you using for this?


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I use Fast Velocity Minify on my sites and it does not seem to effect Fancy Product Designer. ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/fast-velocity-minify/ )

I'm using the default JavaScript settings (so it will combine and minify if needed.)

One thing to note, I had to uncheck the "Strip HTML comments" setting because it interfered with another plugin I was using. So I would uncheck it just to be safe.

You'll also need to test and troubleshoot problems that may come up with your site after you install it. Some plugins do not like their JS/CSS files to be messed with and you may find that some things don't work quite right, or your theme may get a little funky. In my case, I have excluded my sites theme js/css files and those of another plugin that didn't like it.

Best of luck!

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