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Designs options not being correctly implemented

Hi, I am trying to set options for the Designs as you can see in the attached screenshot.

The problem is that on the frontend the Designs are still Movable and Resizeable when they should only be Deletable and have the Advanced Editing enabled.

The only thing that works is if I set all the option to NO then no options appear on the Frontend and the Design stays in its place.

I have disabled all caching and cloudflare as well but the settings are not taking effect as they should... Can you please help?

This problem hasn't been resolved for us yet too. Unfortunately, Johnny could not recreate the problem and felt that the problem was isolated to us... Would be great if someone can share a fix.

I had introduced a problem with CSS in the UI Composer. I pulled that which partly resolved my issue. I had been hiding an element (display:hidden) that I didn't want to be part of product customization but my selector was too broad. It is not clear to me how this would impact the cascade of parameters that I described earlier...

design settings should override category settings which should override default settings. I have not had a chance to look at this since my ticket reply from Johnny (which was rather timely!).

I will test a little further and then post the results back here in the event that they are helpful.

Can confirm that this is still a bug.

I've been working on getting this resolved for hours and I'm continuing to investigate. 

@Genr8r is right on how I would expect the cascading of settings to be applied and I'm specifically inspecting the code to see if this cascade is where the breakdown in.

In the case of @asad having and problem and @Johnny not being able to replicate it, I think it could have also been an issue with changing individual product settings in the woocommerce product


Additionally, My issue relates to global default properties being different between my designs and custom images. I've proposed separating these settings into different categories as is detailed in this Feature Request

I've still been attempting to track this down and I think I've run into at least one issue that I'm having. It appears that not all option vales are getting serialized and submitted properly on the manage designs screen.

In one instance I'm missing the option for advancedEditing being set properly. In another, I'm missing bounding_box_control=no.

It appears that that there may be an issue with the modal itself in that certain fields aren't getting a default value if they are not set in the database, and therefore are not saving. It is my belief that when you first select to enable the settings for individual designs, options with yes / no values are not getting defaults, and subsequent visits to edit the same design therefore do not load values into the fields. This results in the form serializing improperly and not saving values until a user toggles each option.

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