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Separate default for Designs and custom images in Global Settings

Thanks again for the work you put into this plugin it truly is wonderful and quite customizable, those it can still be quite a pain to get the settings JUST right.

The issue I'm currently having is that my custom designs share different global rules from custom images that the customers upload. I'm having an issue overriding some of these options in the front end via the settings is design category options, the designs individual design settings and the global defaults located in Settings > Element Properties > Custom Images & Designs.

While I'm still investigating whether or not there is a bug, It looks like a simple way to fix this may be to separate the global default properties logic for custom images from designs as they are different element types entirely and should get different rules applied to them.

I figure it would also shed some light on how I'm using these features as to why they need different rules.
In the case of all of my products, I insert an element called bounding_element. It is generally a transparent image with a dotted border.  I then restrict custom added images and texts GLOBALLY via the settings > Element properties fields. This ensures that the customer only works within this zone for these added elements. Other elements in the view sometimes get this limitation too, but they are generally just a customizable text field which is required in the design.

As for my designs; I use these as upsells in some cases and they have different types and rules that are applied to them. in some cases they do not need to be within the bounding element. In the case one product, I have an SVG background design which customers should be allowed to change the color of, but the size and position shouldnt change, the advanced customizer should also be hidden.

While my frustrations may be related to the bug, I still think this delineation between designs settings and custom image settings should be made and customizable within the global settings. 


I've also changed the heading of "Custom Images" to "Image Restrictions" in this screenshot. This would be the page where customers can set size requirements and restrictions for uploaded images.

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I'm trying to find the root cause thats causing me to make this feature request. It looks like the way form serialization happens with the modals and the way the manage-designs page submits are the problem I added more info at https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000022482/page/2

I also need the settings for Designs and Custom Images to be separated. I have had to limit some of my products because Designs and Images are lumped together..

Thanks in advance!

 When will this be implemented? There are many instances where settings for custom images should not be applied to designs (Pricing, for example.) I do not see a way to work around this.

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