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Automatically adjust text to width and height, as well as manual resize option

Hello everybody,

it would be nice if you could not just adapt the text to a defined width, as now, but also a defined height.

If there are several lines, the text disappears from the field of view in the frontend. Here it would be useful to be able to define the height at which the text is to be scaled. So almost a text box with defined width and height by the text adapts.

In addition, it would be good for the customers that they would still have the option to adjust the text size itself. The option to scale the text is already there, just not in connection with "Fit to width". Here it might be useful to offer this option as an option. So everyone can decide for themselves how much creative freedom he leaves his customers.

Maybe it would be useful to remove text from predefined text fields by clicking on it. So this is removed when clicking in the text box and you can immediately enter the name and not only the previous text by selection must remove.

Many Thanks.

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