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Currently when using widthFontSize and the default text doesn't fill the width set in widthFontSize the text jumps up in size as soon as you start typing which to the customer would be unexpected and also means they have to the resize it back down if they only change the text slightly.

I realise the behaviour of widthFontSize is to go up and down in size to fit the width but it would be good if there was a way to stop this happening other than go through and set max font sizes.


It would be nice to allow the customers to go bigger if they needed but I think it would be more user friendly if:

a) the text only went down in size as text was added and the width reached

b) if text was then removed after it had been added it would only go back up to the original size in the base product.

c) if the customer wanted it bigger than the base template font size then they would do than using the corner tool or toolbar

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