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Join the big User Experience analysis

We are going to start a big user experience analyzing and testing for Fancy Product Designer very soon. That way we want to identify design issues in the user interface of Fancy Product Designer on desktop and mobile.

You can help us by providing links to your products that can be customized with the Fancy Product Designer. Please also explain in one sentence what the users can create with the product designer.



The user can create own shirts by adding own texts or images.

The user can create their own throw pillow front and back by adding texts, images and icons.


The user can create their own customized t-shirt front and back by adding text, images, designs and free drawing.


The user can create a customized phone case or gift, they can upload own image, write any text or choose from some predefined gallery images.


The user can create fabric wristbands known from events, festivals - starting at 1 pcs

O usuário pode criar pacotes personalizados



Our clients can order weddingcards. 70% of our trafic is from mobile users. 80% of our orders are from desktop. We have a great challange with mobile users

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