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Black page


After upate for last version.

All of my page with Fdp is blank.

My Wordpress vesrion: 4.9.7


Same here.

Same here. I get an Uncaught ReferenceError: $selector is not defined. 


Thanks for letting me know. I uploaded the fix to codecanyon. Please download there again, the version number has not changed for this fix, so its still 3.8. I also removed the auto-updating function, please use the official envato market plugin, thats the best way to update all plugins and themes purchased on envato.

Thank you.

It was fixed it.

how can we Update without losing all the Product in the database? Just upload the files with FTP?

Personally, I just delete the plugin.

And I reinstalled it.

That's all.

This fix worked for me. Thank you guys.

Thank you for your fast support.  It works for us :)

Works fine now. Thank you.

Sadly it doesn't work for me (my customer) it seems.

I've installed the latest update (downloaded it today) but still have problems with the $selector is not defined

It shows the form (name, email) and the send-button, but the designer itself won't load. 
Tried debug mode, no conflict mode, fabricjs 1.6.7 instead of 2.+..... nothing seems to help

Please open a ticket if you need further help on this.

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