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Pre-sales Product questions.

Not certain if this is the correct spot for this.  I'm evaluating several competing products consisting of plugins and associated add-on components to accomplish the following features and wanted to know if this product can accommodate this.  I've done some research but honestly looking at 3-4 products with other things on my plate takes more time than I have.

1) Integrated with Wordpress and / or WooCommerce? (Clearly yes, based on what I see here)

2) Integration allows user to leverage a WooCommerce account login to save their partial or completed product design to our servers for either resuming the editing process after logging in, or order reprints in the future. (No? seems to be all saved locally?)

3) On Submission/Checkout generates the files in print ready format, including CMYK, SVG and PDF at up to 300 dpi . (No, seems to be manual)

4) Support dimension up to 20x20 inches

5) Support multiple component products. Example: Game board surface, Playing cards and game box top make up one game. (Yes, with other add-ons?)

6) Nice to have, ability to link fields for text and color changes to keep them synchronized between various components. (color link within given component seems supported. What about cross components, example, box top text synchronized with game board surface)

7) Ability to support upsells such as going from text only print on given component to uploaded graphics.

8) Ability for user to upload images to their account for use in the game. (? probably tied with User account selection)

9) Ability to support font selection (yes based on research)

10) Ability to support in house templates/designs, clipart/image library. (believe yes based on research)


Hoping someone can help answer the above questions or provide details on the piece.  Might be interested in purchasing customization to complete out features that aren't currently supported.

Thank you for your time and assistance


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