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[ADMIN] Development Status

Our goal with the ADMIN solution is to provide an online solution to manage Fancy Product Designer across all E-Commerce platforms with a user-friendly backend. 

We just migrated the global settings for the WordPress plugin into ADMIN. Now you can manage the global settings via ADMIN. Be sure to update the REST API to V1.4.0. 


We would like to know your thoughts about our ADMIN solution: Do you like it? Which features should be migrated next? What can be improved? :)

I get what you want to do, but i choose Fancy Product Designer because it is a stand alone solution without other third party company. If it is heading this way i'm not that big fan of that. If i can install admin on my own server then i think it's a good solution. 

Is it free now, and will it be free over 1 year? 

Sorry but i want to control it, on my own

We just started the new Export feature in beta. Now you can export a print-ready PDF or download the order as JPEG/PNG in any DPI.

For maintenance and software license we will charge for this service in the near future! But we will offer a fair pricing model for small and bigger businesses.

@Maarten We will still offer the standalone backend built for WordPress that already exists. ONLY the new export (Features: Export to any print format, Embedded Fonts, Printing Box, Excluding Layers from Export) will only be available through ADMIN, because it requires some libraries that can only be installed on our system.

@radykal, looks like a good system, and i like it, but. I don't want it on other servers. Now you are saying in the future it wil cost $$ and a year later $$$. You can also release this admin software to buy and i will put it on my own dedicated server, i also want to pay for update or upgrade no problem. But i want it on my own server

UI Composer added to ADMIN

Designs backend added to ADMIN

Products and Product Builder backend added to ADMIN.

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