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Digital Market Addon

Besides a request, would love to hear what you guys think is needed. Right now it seems that the plugin is more focused on printing services / providers. With a few features this can also be great for Digital Market sales; like flyers, social media posts, logos, and more.

Key Issues

  • Clients can rip ideas easily as is
  • Download issues, as is after purchase clients can edit the template and redownload through editor. If disabled they can screenshot it, or it just becomes a pain to download

Watermark solution
  • Add advance water mark settings: 
  • Enable the watermark to repeat, fill, or center (so it works for everyone)
  • Enable the watermark to always be on in editor so no one can screenshot the product; even after purchase. IF enabled, "Download" sample from editor will also have watermark (so only way to get a IMAGE, is to download it from account; see below)
  • image


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for downlaods, it would be nice if we could set it up via the woo plugin as a virtual/downloadable file



Can anyone code this, i would glady pay to have my users to be able to download the 300 DPI image once they paid and everything else to have a watermark

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