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Composite Products Compatibility

It would be very helpful to have FPD and Composite Products work together (currently, they conflict).  

We need to use the composite products to help us adequately maintain raw material inventory.  For example, we only have so many Black Large t-shirts in stock for customization.  Composite products allow us to set up the Black Large t-shirt as an item and track the inventory.  Therefore, if we sell out of the Black Large t-shirt woocommerce will not allow a customer to select that option.  Therefore, saving everyone a headache and an unexpected back order.  This is vital to our business as we offer same day local delivery.  

I have seen comments as far back as 2014 of people asking if FPD is compatible with Composite Products.  Please implement this, so the answer will be yes.


I need this as well.  Any possibility of adding this functionality?

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