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Presale question about MSP (need quick answer)

Hi there,

Currently we have Fancy Product Designer, yet we think about buying an extension for it called Multi-step product configurator, nevertheless we need to know something first. 

Is it possible to do something like this by MSP?:

3 steps:

first --> customer choose extra product (how does gummies in a bag will look like, ie. gummy bear, gummy hearts)

second -> customer chooses --> weight/size & number of products (number of products can be below the MSP)

third --> begin to design (both sizes have diffrent dimensions for projecting the whole thing)

price is based on size*number of items

Is it possible? If so, then we buy additionally MSP :-) Please respond quickly


No sorry, MSPC does not support any input fields.

nah, it wouldn't be based on input fields, but rather by predefined

You can do that and in the FPD settings you can find an option to display the customize button first, when a variation is selected, in other ways the user needs to make a selection in every step and then the customize button displays, when the user clicks on it, the designer will can open in a lightbox (modal) or in next page.

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