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Tags, categories deleted on first product


I've been getting my head around the plugin for a while because I didn't want to mess up my site but I just created my first product today and it seemed to run into problems when saving the variations.

Basically, all of my tags and categories have disappeared for over 400 simple products.....

Any ideas how I might get them back?

Also there is nothing showing on the screen when I go to view the completed variable product, just the title/breadcrumb from the theme


Before sending this I went back to check if anything else had changed..... I re saved the product and my tags and categories on the other images have returned but all of the details I had put into the product I was working on have now disappeared (some 40 variations that I had spent a couple of hours working on) :-/

Not sure if it's a conflict with another plugin or something to do with the latest update of woocommerce?

Many thanks


Sorry this has nothing to do with this plugin. Please ask your question in a woocommerce community forum.

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