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Can you disable all Text edit options besides the changing the text itself. Can you color link 2 different colors together?

I searched the documentation for both of these features, but I could not find anything. Would anyone be able to say if I am able to do the following:

1) Disable all text options for a text box besides the text itself. I want to make a product where the color, font size, font, and position of a text box cannot be changed by the customer, but they are able to input their own text. I managed to disable many text box features, but can't find a way to do this without disabling the text box edit-ability entirely. 

2) Make a color link group (in my case with a base layer and a text color), where the colors are different. For example, if the shirt is red, the text would become white, but if the shirt is yellow, the text would become black.

Once again, I apologize if these things already exist and I missed them.


1) you could disable the whole toolbar with some custom CSS, which is added via the UI & Layout Composer:

.fpd-element-toolbar{ display: none ! important;}

however this will disable all toolbars, also for image editing. There is currently no way of doing this selectively only for text

2) That's not possible at the moment.

You can always head on over to the feature request forum and add ideas there.

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