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How can I do this colorisation


How can i set these color boxes ,and how can set that when I choice a one color then changing the color of t-shirt ?

Thank you so much.

Where can I find the color selection panel ? Can you send me a screenshot ?

Thanks Johnny. I know , I bought it , but I don't know how can I use it.

Can somebody  send to me step by step screenshots? I really can't find these settings.

Sorry about the delay, if you are in a hurry again: Support tickets are faster then the forum.

1) Select a position in the settings:


2) Go to your product in the product builder and find the name of the layer you want to use the color selector for, copy it.

3) Go to the settings of that product in the product manager:


4) Paste the layer name in the main element field:


Thanks Johnny.

Now working on my site :) 

Hey Johnny, 

how can i set up this page : http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/shirt-plus/, how to have those add to cart features

Settings are not working for Color Selection Panel - Does not show up on General Tab in Layers

Radykal - Thanks for the reply but the Show in Color Selection [PLUS] option does not exist on my product builder - Did it not install correctly - Thanks - Same

Ok, if you still have problems, please send us a ticket:



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