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New Features

  • New option to enable a resize method for better looking image quality while resizing bitmap images
  • Resizing text elements will now change the font size
  • New option to limit the modification within the bounding box, so the user can not move, resize or rotate an element outside of its bounding box
  • When using the replace option, you can now decide if the element should be replaced in all views or just in the current showing view
  • More alignment options 
  • Numeric Inputs with slider: Scale, Angle, Opacity, Stroke Width http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/5000048191
  • Numeric Inputs: Font Size, Line Height
  • Enable/disable aspect ratio for individual image elements http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/5000051387
  • Option to set a default palette for the color picker http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/5000045038
  • You can enable/disable the color picker for SVG images
  • Now you can link the color of text and image elements from any view by using a new parameter „colorLinkGroup“
  • New Actions: Snap, QR-Code, Magnify Glass, Info Modal
  • Option to set the maximum allowed values in the element toolbar
  • Set a custom watermark image when user is downloading the product as image or PDF
  • You can set a product thumbnail now, that will be displayed in the grid of the products module
  • No php files used anymore for the templates, just plain HTML files
  • New uploader, that support multiple images upload
  • Multi-level categories for the designs module
  • Option „gridColumns“: Allows to set the number of columns in grids
  • Upload Zones are now always on top
  • Now you can use arrow keys to change position of an element and backspace to delete it
  • Option „mainBarContainer“ that allows to define a container for the main bar
  • Open designer in modal. Option „modalMode": ID of an element that will open the designer in a modal
  • The orientation is now correctly calculated when the image is uploaded on the server
  • You can set the maximum allowed size in MB for custom uploaded images
  • The minimum DPI for JPEG images can be set in the options
  • A custom PHP image uploader is now added and can be easily enabled via the plugin options.
  • Because Instagram changed their terms of use, you can now only load your own photos that you uploaded to Instagram
  • Hide product designer with CSS classes on smartphones or tablets. Assign one of these classes to the body element: fpd-hidden-smartphones, fpd-hidden-tablets
  • Set a product title that will be used in the products module via data-producttitle


Bugs fixed

  • Copy/remove icons not working when zoomed in
  • Wrong bounding box size when zooming
  • IE11: When changing text via textarea, the cursor jumped to the end of text after input
  • Backspace key in inputs removes selected element


  • boundingBoxClipping is replaced with boundingBoxMode
  • options.paddingControl => set via padding parameter for every element individually
  • options.viewSelectionPosition => Set position via CSS classes container element
  • options.viewSelectionFloated
  • scale parameter removed, use scaleX and scaleY
  • options.width is replaced with options.stageWidth
  • options.socialPhotoAjaxSettings is replaced with options.customImageAjaxSettings

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