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Fancy Product Designer cause very slow website

Activate Fancy Product Designer Plugin wordpress is very slow,

use theme is faltsome 


It should in general load quickly. The slowness is probably caused by your theme or another plugin. Sorry we can't really help you with this. Try using another theme and disabling other plugins.

Ich habe das gleiche Problem sogar mit dem Standard Wordpress  Template.

GIBT ES denn mittlerweile eine Änderung ??? 

Hi,i agree @happy354 ,

Is FPD slow with flatsome(wordpress theme)?

Hi Tatsuya 

You can check my suggestion here: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000028011

It is not because of your theme, FPD plugin is just slow especially if you have many FPD resource files......This plugin loads all of its resources (ttf fonts, jpg files) every time the product page loads. It is amazing how the authors of the plugin can allow this fault. I do everything to optimize my website, to be able to rank higher but because of this plugin all my product pages are slow.

I really hope the author start to understand that one plugin to be really good, have to be SEO friendly. What is the point of having the best product designer plugin if I am loosing clients because google is pushing me down, because of slow product pages. I will wait for some time with the old version I have 3.8.4 (I saved it some time ago) to see if they get my suggestion seriously. If not I will start looking for alternatives.

My website gets slower with every update, I already disabled all my plugins and tried with the Twentytewnty theme and the plugins are still slow, I really think you should do something to make it faster.

google cloud - 2 vCPUs, 8 GB memory.

performance is very good

I would suggest you, to load the designer in a new page.

Change the setting "Open Product Designer in..." to "In a new page...". 

That way, all FPD related files will only get loaded after client hits the customize button. 

And of course, disable "Global Product Designer".

If you want to speed up your site in general, use The WP Rocket Plugin.

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