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Linking product variations to designer

I sell custom sportswear and this product designer seems perfect and I love the MSPC accompanied with it but I can't seem to link the too that efficiently.

I want the clothing item to change colour to the variation chosen but the only way I have been able to do this so far is for it to load the thumbnail as the base. This wouldn't be too bad if it also loaded the back of the shirt too!

For example the blue on this works for the front:


I can see options for the colour changing but can't get it to work, nor can I get the colour picker to work in general in the plugin so maybe it's something I'm missing and can't see any guides for it.

I did think of doing the "start customisation" button and it loading the product designer but then it means I'd have to make a designer per variation - of which there can be hundreds per product!

Thank you in advance for any help


There is currently no way of dong this, sorry. Please make a new entry in the feature request forum.

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