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Unable to load the Load Demo

Hi, i am unable to load the demos "Load Demo".

its showing process, i tried from past two days with this new version.

Please look at this matter.

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Apologies for the late reply. In case you have not solved the problem by now, please create a new support ticket. As we might have to access your wp to find out what is wrong and sharing login data in the forum is generally a bad idea ;-)

I am also unable to load the demos "Load Demo". It keeps saying Something went wrong please try again. When I go to my media I see the Shadow PNG and the Base PNG just not the shirt for front and back. have tried it on different laptops nothing seams to work help.


Hi there, same issue. What is the fix?


In most pretty much every case this is caused by a server issue. Server issues in general are not part of the support, however please open a ticket and we'll try to help as best we can.

Has this been resolved?


Hi - I cannot load the demo zip files - I don't get an error, it just goes to a blank page and loads nothing.

How did you resolve your issue?

Try creating a random product with one view and one image layer manually first and then try to load the demos - that seemed to fix it for all users with this problem.

This did not fix it for me.

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