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Image Opacity


We would like to buy fancy product designer but would like to understand how opacity works.

We have seen at this page http://fancyproductdesigner.com/wordpress/ that in the "converse logo image" we can change color and opacity and also in text but:

we can change also it in "Designs" because we had try to add a new design and it had other options and not color opacity.

Can you help us to understand it?


You can hide the opacity option with CSS.

How can we enable Design opacity? we have tried to look it in design "category option" but we can't find it.

Can you help us?

Goodmorning, we can't understand how can we enable image opacity to designs, can you help us?

Unless you have deactivated the opacity/ transparency via custom CSS, it is active. The transparency slide is found under the color selection.

Hi, please, how can we disable opacity/transparency range slider in the text module?

Thank you!


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