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Few Questions

Hello, I bought this plugin few months ago and I still have a lot of questions. 

I'm trying to use this plugin for two products: A mug customizer and a canvas customizer. 

With the mug customizer, My issue is that if the printer is requesting me a 5x5" design file for example, how can I set up the customizer to only take 5x5" artworks? That way when everything is paid and setup, all I have to do is send the artwork to our printer. Instead of getting an image 200x200 for example. 

2) My MAIN issue is getting this customizer to do something like like this: http://canvasfab.com/order , we are trying to let our customers customize their own canvas, for that we have different sizes, so is there any way to re-size the customizer according to the size that they select? 

Thank you so much. 


1) you would have to measure and draw the necessary dimensions on a real world product, and then create a bounding box in pixels that represents that area.

2) There is currently no way of doing this other than creating different products for each size.

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