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Export svg

Hi, how to save svg export in disk? 

if I give to export, I open a new tab, but I can not save the image


This problem will be solved in next update.

Hi there.

With the 3.0.3 Wordpress version it still opens in a new tab. Tested it in Google Chrome and Firefox (latest versions).

While the problem isn't solved I've been using this Scriptlet:


Sugestion for the developers: How about ziping the SVG file? That way it would be downloaded without any problems.



Sorry I did not include that feature in the new version, but its still on the todo list.

Any update on when this will be available?

By far the best, fastest, most accurate way to export a size-agnostic image from FPD is as an "image" in "svg" format... however

it is difficult to force this image to download.   Currently, we're using a PDF exporter from the browser in order to export the SVG in vector format to illustrator or photoshop.

This would be far easier if we could save the svg file as an attachment or a file directly.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done directly as we have things set up.   Safari, chrome & firefox all insist on display-only SVGs

There are many methods I've found on google searches to embed javascript, some are easy some are involved.


is one such way to go.

Is this still on the to do list?  

Just to add a few ideas, the following thread at StackOverflow is really helpful too :



I am having the same issue - is there any update on this? I need to export SVG with the image, but it is is missing when I open it in illustrator.




Just curious if there is an update to this. We need a high quality print ready export of the customization. Is this accomplishable in the JQuery version yet?


Same here - I can't continue to build my instance until I can export a usable image.  When I save the image currently it is a screenshot of the product I'm customizing with the design on it, and it's pixelated.


Useable SVG files appear to be a hot topic but when i do a search most of the discussion is open ended without a solution. Could admin respond and ties up the loose ends on these threads please?

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