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Pre sales question: Trying to make a Cafe Table builder

Hi there, 

Tossing up between the fancy product designer and the multi step product config and thought maybe you guys could help out? 

I'm looking to make a cafe setting builder for my hospitality furniture company: 

Select table base: a, b, c, d 

Select table top: 1, 2, 3, 4

Select chairs to go with: chair1, chair2, chair3 chair 4

I understand the fancy product builder can have multiple products input into it, though it seems quite fixed on the decals for a single product. I like the layout of the fancy product builder better also. Are there any examples of something such as this with multiple products input you can link me to? 

Using wordpress with woocommerce. 




No sorry, a demo like that does not exist.

@rady kal .. do you have something to adopt for table coaths?

no, we don't. You can check our demos to see if theres something like you want to achieve. 

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