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Adding new Products

Where are very interested in the product designer. However, our products include a broad assortment as it is stated in the Product Designer. Therefore we would like to learn how to create new products and, for example, define the areas / regions for new products, where the application / the pressure can be applied. Usable or printable area on the Product. Because unfortunately you can only write a support ticket if you have already purchased the product and we would like to know in advance whether it is possible, we hope this help or an answer to become. Best regards

I'm not entirely certain that I'm understanding what you mean.

As long as you can convey the information (pressure application, printable area) in customize-able image elements, upload zones and text, the Fancy Product Designer should work for your scenario. To get an idea of what you can do with the Plugins you can take a look at the demos.

You could also maybe post a few concept sketches? That way it would be easier for me to help you.

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