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Can This Work For A Tee Shirt Store?

I'd like to be able to create a tee shirt store where I upload a design and let the customer choose a teeshirt or hoodie and the color.

I don't need the customer to change the design, just the style (teeshirt or hoodie) and the color of the teeshirt or hoodie.

Can the woo extension do that?

The site I want to build is similar to :


I don't want to have to upload the tee shirt images over and over again, just copy a product that already has all the colors and styles, upload an image that should go on the front of the shirt and save.

Please let me know,



You can do something similar to this sneaker demo, but you would have to create two separate products for the hoodie and the t-shirt(-> two different pages, not like your example all in one). The demo above uses Multiple Step Product Configurator and Fancy Product Designer.

I am unable to load the demos "Load Demo". It keeps saying Something went wrong please try again. When I go to my media I see the Shadow PNG and the Base PNG just not the shirt for front and back. have tried it on different laptops nothing seams to work help


Darnald, this is probably a server issue. Check your Server Settings (possibly a "folder permissions issue")


It was php memory issue I am using go-daddy as my host thanks guys.


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